Case study: Balance and efficiency in production

Tata lowers the total cost of ownership

There is a demand for modern vehicles to be safer, more durable and more fuel efficient than ever before and as a result the manufacturing materials used must be lighter and stronger. In addition, manufacturers are under pressure to reduce their own total cost of ownership (TCO) – the balance of performance, lightweighting and cost of their components – in order to keep volume car production as efficient and competitive as possible.

Tata Steel has developed a new generation of hot dip galvanised steel, MagiZinc Auto, which offers a solution to these challenges. The system is available for structural parts and soon to be available for exposed panels too, has an innovative zinc-magnesium alloyed coating which increases corrosion protection, allowing for thinner coating layers and lighter parts. The properties of this new coating improve production performance too, by reducing tool pollution and galling behaviour during processing in the press shop.

Manufacturers are able to evaluate how this new steel can reduce total cost of ownership by using Tata Steel’s TCO Scan, an advanced engineering service which helps customers identify potential bottlenecks in production processes and optimise such processes by fine tuning substrate, coating and lubrication. In particular TCO Scan MagiZinc quantifies the TCO reduction potential of using MagiZinc Auto in a manufacturer’s own specific processes and applications.