Q&A: Daisuke Tsutamori

The designer of Honda's prototype Civic hatchback on the vehicle that will inspire the next generation of the model

Why is this car significant?
Of course the Civic is one of the best selling cars for Honda and this means that it is probably one of the most seen Honda’s in the market. From that perspective it is important business-wise – not just in Europe, but also in USA and Japan.
But it is also important in creating a certain design image, so the face of Honda will be mostly seen in the Civic.
It is the core product, the Civic always had the task of being something new so it’s a slightly different approach than for example what VW is doing with the Golf, where you have a very strong continuity in the concept and also in the design, but at Honda the Civic was always a model where engineers and designers were allowed to really form something completely new and that’s also the reason why Civics do not usually look a like throughout their history – they are all independent, different cars. But what is common in the whole evolution of Civic is the challenging spirit that allows engineers to really try out new technologies and also the sporty character, it has always been a sporty model with dynamic performance but high practicality and high efficiency as well.
At Honda, a designer is an engineer which is quite unique because the designer decides and has responsibility regarding functionality and productivity regarding what technologies are required to produce such a design.

What were the technical challenges?
The biggest challenge and issue was to realise on one hand the very high quality feel but at the same time it was very important to realise the high dynamic performance, to underline that with the exterior design creating a vehicle proportion which is low and wide. That’s also the biggest change from the current Civic by developing a completely new platform.

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