Riding high: Skoda Kodiaq

In the third part of our focus on the Skoda Kodiaq, the development programme's head of driver assistance systems explains the technologies integrated on the SUV

There may be a push in the industry to increase the level of autonomous functionality available in vehicles, but fully autonomous cars a long way from production.

But the majority of the base technologies that will be used for those systems are already integrated on many vehicles, and they are used to power a number of advanced driver assistance systems. They may not take control away from the driver but they can improve safety and make driving less stressful.

Skoda’s Kodiaq SUV will include a number of these systems and in the third part of our series of features on the Skoda Kodiaq, we hear from Robert Pischke, head of driver assistance systems:

“We are launching the Kodiaq with a portfolio of driver assistance systems which are the best within its class. One outstanding feature is the area view system, cameras on the sides, front and rear show the car’s immediate surroundings on the in-car monitor through wide angle lenses, providing optimal support for the driver in every traffic situation.

“The driver can choose from a variety of perspectives and views including virtual exterior view and 100º images of the front and the rear. The images are displayed in real-time on the screen.

“When the Kodiaq is used for towing the driver can be supported by tow assist. First the driver puts the car into reverse and presses the park button. The driver then uses the mirror switch to adjust the angle of the desired driveway he’d like to use for reversing. The rearview camera image displays guiding lines for orientation. The driver only has to accelerate and brake.

“We also offer an array of other assistance systems. Front assist including city emergency braking function is an important standard feature as it can warn the driver and start partial braking. The city emergency braking system is active up to 30km/h and it activates full braking in an emergency. Predictive pedestrian protection compliments front assist. In total there are 22 different driver assistance system in the Kodiaq.

“We have also improved the lighting technology. For the first time full LED headlights increase visability, we use high-performance LEDs that shine through three reflectors. The inner LEDs produce the high-beam, the outer produce the dipped beam and the static corner light is positioned between the two. The curve strip of light running a long the bottom edge functions as indicator and daytime running light.

“We have included high-beam assist which uses the front camera to detect traffic and vehicles in front, if necessary it can automatically turn the high-beam on or off.

“The rear lights are available in two versions, both use LED technology. The top of the range version integrates 51 LEDs.”

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