Hybrids & EVs

Control freak

Electrification isn’t just having an impact onpowertrains and the constant drive for efficiency. New, lower-voltage systems are also helping to improve ride and...


Doing more with less

No driver wants their vehicle to waste fuel unnecessarily as that is money down the drain. Equally, the thought of an engine burning more fuel than it needs to,...


Compression test

Powertrain engineers are continually seekingways to improve the combustion engine, driven by the demand for better efficiency and performance. This has brought us to...


Combustible future

Christopher Breitsameter - Continental’s vice-president of business development and strategy, powertrain division


Challenges on the horizon

Even in an industry as entrenched as the automotive sector, changes happen whether or not they are desired. Engineering developments and technological innovations...


Open platform

The CES show has become a blue-ribbonevent for the automotive industry, with more suppliers and OEMs attending every year. It’s no longer just about the latest...


Mitigating circumstances

As consumer demand for greater infotainment functionality grows and vehicles become better connected, the industry starts to face the same challenges that have the best...


Order out of chaos

The industry is keen to develop advanced driver assistance systems to the point that vehicles eventually become fully autonomous. We are slowly reaching the point where...


Human factors

The increase in ADAS systems is puttingpressure on testing engineers to make sure that the technologies are robust. As in many areas of vehicle and technology...


Improving on a classic

The Mustang is the quintessential, and original, pony car – a coupe-like sports vehicle with long hoods and short rear ends.

Hybrids & EVs

Network change

The introduction of battery-electric vehicles has been slow to progress, mostly because of how ingrained the use of fossil fuels has become. A century of investment in...

Hybrids & EVs

Driving lessons

Competitions for student automotive engineers have been running successfully for many years. The opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom...


All-wheel delivery

Daimler’s development of torque converter automatic transmissions spans more than 50 years, beginning with the four-speed K4A025 that was brought to the market in...


Speed game

While single-speed transmissions are the norm for electric vehicles, and two-speed devices have also been used, increasing the number of ratios still further could have...


Shifting up

The prevailing wisdom when developing battery-electric vehicles at present is to use a single-speed transmission. In theory it offers enough of a balance between...