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Automotive Engineer


Leading from the front

James Scoltock, .

BMW’s front-wheel drive, transverse architecture has spawned a new generation of automatic transmissions. But the firm sees the torque converter as the future, not dual-clutch systems

Commercial Success

James Scoltock, .

Developing driveline technologies that meet the stringent demands of commercial vehicles is a challenge. Dana's director of product planning, Steve Slesinski, explains the firm's approach

Turning a corner

James Scoltock, .

Ford has developed increasingly complex chassis technologies to allow its high-performance vehicles to meet dynamics targets, but future systems are likely to involve greater use of ESC technology

Twist in the tail

James Scoltock, .

Integrating electric powertrain components into the rear suspension could aid packaging in small vehicles but, with such a complex design, NVH targets remain a challenge

Easy rider

James Scoltock, .

Adaptive chassis systems give greater control over ride and handling, but passive systems still have a lot of development ahead of them. Matt Becker, Lotus’s chief engineer of test and development, explains the firm’s approach to vehicle dynamics

Common goal

James Scoltock, .

Diesel engines help OEMs meet emissions legislation, while improving commonrail systems and related technologies are key to their success

Family affair

James Scoltock, .

The challenge of meeting emissions targets and performance criteria has driven Jaguar Land Rover to develop a modular engine architecture, with the 2-litre diesel promising to be the most important so far for the firm

The race is on

James Scoltock, .

Compression ignition technology has been invaluable for OEMs as they seek to meet emissions targets, but as legislation becomes ever stricter, engineers are having to adapt systems to ensure they remain relevant

Big improvements

Ben Sampson, .

Smarter trucks will reduce driver workload, accident statistics and fuel consumption. Scania's R&D chief Dr Harald Ludanek describes his firm's technology roadmap

Hardwired for the future

James Scoltock, .

More use of electrification is helping to improve efficiency, but if engineers can reduce the weight of high-voltage components the benefits could be far greater