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Automotive Engineer


Data stream

James Scoltock, .

As the amount of information entering vehicles grows, firms will have to control its flow better, relieving pressure on bus networks and processing technology

Sensing the future

James Scoltock, .

Increasing the vehicle's role in daily driving should cut accident figures but there's a lot of work still to do on sensors and data processing

A step change

Dual-clutches have taken market share from manuals and driven up the efficiency of planetary gear automatics. Hybridisation should make them more popular still

Smooth progress

James Scoltock, .

Premium vehicles have long used torque converter automatics but efficiency must keep improving. More speeds will help but that’s only the start

Efficiency gains traction

Consumers want all-wheel drives but OEMs need to cut fuel consumption. Full-disconnect systems satisfy the requirements of both, and improve vehicle dynamics as well as CO2