June 2016

Processing drive: How GPUs are making fully autonomous vehicles a reality


48V architectures to be spread across Audi’s line-up

Carbon fibre use increases at Ford to cut weight

PSA developing a fleet of electrified vehicles

Mitsubishi admits to falsifying fuel efficiency data in more cars


Aston Martin increases output and efficiency with V12

Audi’s autonomous technology adopts driver nuances

Honda adds audio speakers to the Ridgeline’s truck bed

Daimler improves refinement in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class


The sooner we deal with emissions scandals the better

Viewpoint: Software services will start a second revolution

Milestones: How winter tyres raised safety levels

The Job: Charging into the future with Qualcomm


Ford Focus RS

A charged four-cylinder and all-wheel drive help the hot-hatch perform on the track and road

Toyota Prius

A smaller, lighter hybrid system and new platform improve the compact vehicle’s efficiency

Bentley Bentayga

The luxury SUV gets a performance boost with a 48V architecture and charged W12

Q&A: Philippe Klein

Nissan’s product planning officer on overcoming barriers to EVs entering the mainstream

Cover story

GPU processing power increases are driving new possibilities in vehicle functionality

Parking pals

Improved parking assist systems are the next step towards autonomous driving

Cost cutting

Newcastle University is working with JLR to reduce the use of expensive materials in motors

Discounting nothing

BMW M’s president explains why the firm could explore alternative powertrains in the future

Bright promises

Mitsubishi Fuso’s electrified trucks could bring significant savings for operators

Meeting standards

The Vienna Motor Symposium brought industry together to discuss emissions challenges

Focus: Electronics and mechatronics

The range of areas on the vehicle benefiting from the use of electronics and mechatronics is wide and varied. This month we look at how Denso is developing improved powertrain control systems to aid efficiency in hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The software-based system takes data from numerous sources to maximise efficiency. We also look at how both Audi and Bentley have successfully deployed a 48V electronic-electric architecture in the SQ7 and Bentayga SUVs.The system has been used to improve driving dynamics, but the key to its integration has been the control and management set-up.

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