May 2015

Significant investment and development boosts the Chevrolet Volt's efficiency


Carbon emission levels drop by a third in two decades

GM unveils future of autonomous vehicles

JLR chief expects gasoline to match diesel efficiency by 2025

Lithium-ion battery costs drop by 70% in seven years


Toyota's compact segment charged four-cylinder

Jaguar Land Rover loads updates for faster infotainment

Iveco reveals future van design direction

Honda CR-V improves all-wheel-drive performance


The future won't just be about  greater electrification

Viewpoint: Active chassis technologies key to global plans

Milestones: How BMW became the D-segment benchmark

Diary: Every event you need to attend

Recruitment: If it's time to boost your career, look here

The Job: Improving tyre efficiency at Falken Europe



The third generation of the B-segment vehicle is more efficient, dynamic and better connected

Ford Mondeo

It's been three years overdue but a focus on powertrains and greater stiffness have been worth the wait

Cover story

Significant investment and development boosts the Chevrolet Volt's efficiency

Faster, cleaner, better

Nissan's research chief explains the OEM's future plans for autonomous vehicles

Biology lesson

Cutting-edge research on lithium-ion batteries at University of Maryland, Baltimore County 

Mapping out the path

Developments in processing power will mean more efficient combustion engine simulation

Focus: Gasoline

Opportunities for greater efficiency in diesel engines are harder to come by these days. As a  result, OEMs are now shifting their attention to development possibilities with gasoline. Five industry experts address the challenges and key areas – in their view – where there is room for growth. 

As gasoline engine technology develops, the injection pressures  will substantially increase; and Tier Ones will be at the forefront of the new systems' development

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