May 2016

The Centenario shows what technology path Lamborghini will take with future vehicles


EU data protection rules open up connectivity opportunities

Faurecia to focus on efficiencies and autonomy

Volvo extends its autonomous plans to China

Siemens and Valeo unite for increased electrification purposes


Eyeris develops advanced face recognition technology

BorgWarner's transmission  helps Geely's EV go further

Ford's autonomous vehicle learns to drive in snow

Mini strengthens its convertible and adds a new roof


A need for speed still exists within the industry 

Viewpoint: Compliance makes the world go round

Milestones: Carbon fibre's presence is down to McLaren

The Job: Pulling vehicles apart with Nvidia's Dave Anderson


Ford Mustang

The American muscle car comes to Europe with a better chassis and a 2.3-litre gasoline engine

Lexus LC500h

The coupé's hybrid system is the main attraction but a new platform gives a stiffer chassis

Cover story

The Centenario shows what  technology path Lamborghini will take with future vehicles

Q&A: Matthias Tonn

Ford's large cars chief engineer on bringing the Edge to the European market

One for all

How Harman is scaling its approach to infotainment hardware and software

Taking a seat

Why lightweight seat design is important to making vehicles even more efficient

Q&A: Dr Dirk Hoheisel

Bosch board member for automotive electronics on autonomous technology

Image rights

Seat's Sven Schawe on the marque's technological future 

Focus: Gasoline

Forthcoming stricter emissions regulations will focus on the level of NOx coming out of the tailpipe.

That means that turbocharged gasoline engines will require new technologies to remain compliant. 

We speak to experts at Continental, Bosch and BorgWarner about some of the systems we can expect to see in the not too distant future. 

Meanwhile Delphi is looking at the benefits gasoline direct-injection compression-ignition technology could offer.

We also speak to AVL which is adamant that what will be required for certain are flexible, modular systems. Developments are starting to pick up speed rapidly

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