September 2015

How Peugeot takes its concept cars from simple sketches to the dazzling lights of the motor show stand


Audi plugs in SUVs to electric powertrain technology

BMW, Daimler and Audi buy into HERE mappingá

NHTSA reorganises to better protect connected vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover expands production to meet demand


Nissan makes a noise with EV alert project for pedestrians

Hella brings LEDs to low-beam to replace halogens

Ford protects Mustang occupants with knee airbag

Mazda brings bigger SUV technology to the CX-3


Connectivity takes the heat off powertrains

Viewpoint: Making the connected car safe is a priority

Milestones: How the Ford Transit shaped van development

Diary: All the events you must attend

Recruitment: If it's time to boost your career, look here

The Job: Overseeing Ford's global commercial vehicle lines


Honda Civic Type R

A charged gasoline engine and better aerodynamics help this hot hatch compete on road and track

Smart ForFour

New engines, transmissions and improved suspension made packaging the city car challenging

Cover story

How Peugeot takes its concept cars from simple sketches to the dazzling lights of the motor show stand

Hitting the target

Hyundai-Kia turbocharges its three-cylinder to meet European emissions regulations

Power of cooperation

The University of Cambridge's work on commercial vehicles makes haulage more efficient

Ahead of the game

SEAT's chairman J├╝rgen Stackmann on developing connections with tech firms to increase connectivity

Dirty driving

A shake-up of the World Rallycross Championship regulations is bringing new life to an old format

Secret shopper

Scania's internal haulage company is allowing the firm to be a leaner, more efficient truck builder

FOCUS -áHybrids

More and more OEMs are understanding the benefits of mixing combustion with electricity in their powertrains. As a tool for meeting future emissions legislation it is an attractive proposition. It hasn't been used as widely by premium brands, but that is now changing.

BMW and Audi have both developed approaches to hybrid systems that they are beginning to roll out on a much wider scale. We outline the key principles of both OEMs' technologies

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