GM develops an efficient electric drive motor

To be equipped on the Chevrolet Volt

GM has developed an electric drive motor with that results in an increase in efficiency of more than 50%.

Engineers at the OEM designed the system for use in the latest generation of its EV Chevrolet Volt.

The Volt has an extended range thanks in part to the two motors, that feature coils in the stator.

GM said: “The coils are bar-wound to enable the flow of a high current in proportion to the size of the coil cross-section.”

Compared to the stranded-wound coils found in conventional traction motors, the method makes better use of the space in the stator while also increasing torque density.

A coil forming technology developed by Hitachi Automotive Systems was also applied that led to a 40% increase in the efficiency of the production process.

The rotor in the electric drive motor has also been redesigned, with the magnets previously having to be inserted individually, but a new process means that they can be fitted by polarity streamlining the time required by 60%.

The new processes follow news earlier this year that Hitachi has also been developing technology that allows for wireless, software updates for a vehicle’s electronic control unit. Performing the task over the air in this way took less than a tenth of the time required to do it physically.

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