Harman and Airbiquity secure the connected car

Firms protect vehicles from hacking

Harman and Airbiquity have collaborated to develop an end-to-end intrusion detection system for connected vehicles to improve system security.

The technology combines Harman’s intrusion detection and prevention system with Airbiquity's cloud-based Choreo service delivery platform and software and data management technology.

With the increasing dependency on software to power vehicle systems and features, cybersecurity has become a threat to connected vehicles and the introduction of new driving assistance, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and autonomous driving capabilities, which is placing more emphasis on technologies designed to protect vehicles.

Harman’s vice-president of automotive cyber security Saar Dickman said: "Car hacking is a very real threat that will continue to increase as we move towards greater connectivity and autonomous vehicles, with more and more new technologies becoming part of the internet of things.”

Harman's embedded ECUSHIELD software detects and logs security intrusions locally. Once logged, Airbiquity's Choreo platform collects the intrusion information from the vehicle, aggregates it in the cloud, and automates alerts and reports so automotive customers can quickly assess the threat and, if necessary, install software updates from the cloud to mitigate future threats and restore impacted systems and components.

"Integrating ECUSHIELD with Airbiquity's software offering further strengthens our ability to deliver advanced, reliable, and secure end-to-end connected vehicle services to our automotive customers," said Kamyar Moinzadeh, president of Airbiquity. "Given the high priority of vehicle security we believe threat detection must be a mandatory component of any connected vehicle solution.”

Airbiquity's Choreo platform integrates vehicle systems, connectivity devices, communication networks, back office IT systems, and content and service providers required for traditional and emerging connected car services. Airbiquity's latest offering – software and data management – securely automates targeted and scalable software updates and data collection for connected vehicles.

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