Q&A: John Wall

You’re working more closely with Ford, how is this different to other relationships you have in the industry?The thing that is unique about...


Q&A: Daisuke Tsutamori

Why is this car significant?Of course the Civic is one of the best selling cars for Honda and this means that it is probably one of the most seen...


Q&A: Gerhard Steiger

What are the biggest legal challenges to the introduction of autonomous technology? In both production vehicles and prototypes, automated driving...


Q&A: Francois Bancon

Infiniti remains a small marque at present – what’s the business’s strategy to grow?Infiniti is first and foremost a brand...


Q&A: Luca de Meo

What are your technology priorities over the next ten years?We see three big trends: the electrification part, the connected car and autonomous...


Q&A: Stefan Rosenberger

Four years ago, the A3 was the first vehicle to use the MQB architecture, what have you learned?We have learned that the platform is very well...


Q&A: Dr Dirk Hoheisel

The trend is towards more automated functionality, and ultimately fully autonomous vehicles, but where is the push coming from?It’s a very...


Q&A Matthias Tonn

You’ve recently worked on the Ford Edge SUV and Fiesta ST200 hothatch. How did your previous experience prepare you for your present...


Q&A: Dr Karl-Thomas Neumann

The Opel-Vauxhall business should reach a point where it is breakeven this year, is that being driven by higher sales or cost being controlled?Both....


Q&A: Dr David Voss

How do you meet the changing consumer demands for connectivity in the vehicle?The first thing is that with OnStar, our connectivity...


Q&A: Barry Einsig

Cisco has conducted a lot of work in intelligent transport systems. What has been the biggest challenge with this?