Aeristech develops 12V eboosting system

Technology could reduce costs

Aeristech has developed a 12V electric supercharger system that could make eboosting more cost-effective for smaller vehicles. The firm has already developed a 48V system that is currently being tested in a vehicle in conjunction with Mahle.

The new system makes use of Aeristech’s motor control technology to derive maximum pressure charging from the power available in conventional 12V vehicle architectures.

Designed to provide transient boost to support traditional mechanical forced induction systems, the 12V architecture enables the system to be integrated into existing driveline technologies.

Aeristech chief executive Richard Wall said: “Since launching the 48V eSupercharger in 2015, we have received significant interest from Tier Ones, vehicle manufacturers and been able to continually develop the technology. We have considerably improved cost, reduced weight and more than halved the package volume of the product. Now the core technology is fully established we are diversifying the product range to include a 12V offering, also capable of steady state operation, to meet additional market needs.”

The eCharger can spin at speeds of up to 80,000rpm and uses Aeristech’s switching technology to reduce the frequency of internal switching events by 60% compared to conventional motors, meaning a reduction in heat and improved efficiency on the basis of like-for-like electrical switchgear cost.

Aeristech can optimise the layout of the motor magnets and windings without overloading the controller with high frequency requirements, leading to significant savings in material mass and cost – good for smaller vehicles with lower margins.

The firm’s 12V system is currently in development, with validation testing set to begin in November 2016 and prototypes available for customer trials from January 2017.