Denso strengthens ADAS provision

Reducing night time accidents

Denso Corporation has strengthened its suite of of Advanced Driver Assistant Systems with newly-developed image sensors provided by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.

The highly sensitive image sensors, which are also used in surveillance and other monitoring devices, enable cameras to take clear images of objects even at night.

Denso said it has improved the quality of Sony’s image sensors in terms of ease of installation, heat resistance, vibration resistance to be used in vehicle-mounted vision sensors.

It has also used Sony’s image signal processors for noise reduction and optimisation of camera exposure parameters to better recognise and take clearer images of pedestrians at night.

The sensors will help companies meet new NCAP safety requirements, which include night-time pedestrians within the scope of collision avoidance in its safety, performance evaluation standards for automatic braking systems.

Denso said: “We are developing technologies and products to help create a society free from traffic accidents.

“Based on these, Denso will continue to contribute to building a safe and secure automotive society for all people around the world, not just for drivers and pedestrians.”

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