Honeywell turbocharger powers Ferrari's F1 race cars

System boosts performance

Honeywell Turbo Technologies is helping Scuderia Ferrari compete at the top of the championship in the Formula One.

The Tier One has supplied the F1 team with turbocharger technology that delivers greater engine power through efficient use of air flow by the turbo's turbine wheel. A compressor wheel is driven by the exhaust gases supplied by the turbine wheel pumping ambient air into the engine.

For each percentage point of efficiency gained by the turbine and compressor wheels, the engine is able to produce 2kW and 1kW more power respectively.

Honeywell has taken advantage of the adoption of rules requiring all Formula One race cars to be turbocharged. The firm's vice-president, Craig Balis believes its automotive applications are reaching levels of efficiency and sophistication comparable to aviation industry standards.

He said: “When you consider that exhaust gas temperatures approach the temperature of lava, and internal tip speeds for the turbo's turbine wheel are approaching 600 metres a second, you begin to see the challenges for bringing durability and performance together.

“It has been a collaborative effort and one that is leading to positive results as we have seen early on with consistent podium finishes and a victory in Malaysia.”

The turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 engine, produces the equivalent power of a 16-litre turbocharged commercial vehicle engine but is a downsized version and is designed with energy recovery technology to support other systems in the race car.

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