Leoni to speed up EV charging times

Cooled cables can cope with 400 amperes

Leoni is developing technology that could drastically speed up the time required to charge battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The Tier One supplier has developed cooled charging cable technology that provide currents of up to 400 amperes. It could mean a Tesla Model S with an 85kW battery and a range of approximately 400km would be fully charged in around 15 minutes.

Fixed to charging stations, the cables are capable of carrying higher currents than conventional cables – which would overheat – and so shorten the time to recharge a vehicle’s electric battery. The firm believes that the technology could be a tipping point in changing public opinion of electrified vehicles.

Leoni said: “Long charging times are a disadvantage for drivers of electric cars and plug-in hybrids and also inhibit greater popularity of such vehicles. Furthermore, the number of vehicles that need to be charged at such hotspots as motorway services will rise. The introduction of fast charging stations will consequently be a key to the success of electromobility.”

As well as the cooled charging cables being able to withstand higher currents than conventional cables, its cross section can be significantly reduced meaning they are more flexible and easier to handle.

The technology follows other recent developments from the firm that include illuminating cables that indicate through colour when a vehicle is fully charged.

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