Mazda increases the colour in latest CX-5 SUV

Paint technology reduces number of layers

Mazda has developed a new paint that reduces the number of layers required but helps give designers a greater depth to colour. The technology will be used first on the next-generation CX-5 SUV.

The OEM’s soul red crystal will be rolled out to new and existing models after the initial launch and provides 20% greater colour saturation and 50% more depth according to Mazda.

The firm said: “The paint retains a simple three-layer structure comprising clear, translucent and reflective coats, but represents an evolution of our takuminuri painting technology. The paint's translucent layer features a newly developed highly saturated red pigment for a richer red. In addition, the reflective coat features light-absorbing flakes that intensify shaded areas and make it possible to achieve a depth of colour that previously required two layers.”

The aluminium flakes are a uniform size, the consistency of the paint was enhanced and a technique to shrink the volume of paint during the drying process was employed. This results in an even, smooth coverage of the light-absorbing flakes on the car's body and more precise control of light reflection.

The coat structure technology combines colouring and functionality, allowing Mazda to apply the paint in a more time and cost-efficient way, when usually it would require more layers.

While paint isn’t necessarily thought of as a way for firms to become more efficient, more time and money is being spent on paint technology to help vehicles become more efficient, but to also allow OEMs to offer greater variety to consumers without increasing costs.