NXP quadruples radar power for enhanced ADAS

Object detection accuracy is increased

NXP is quadrupling computer power for its radar systems, expanding its semi-autonomous capabilities in the process.

The automotive radar microcontroller S32R27 developed by the semiconductor firm enables better detection and classification of the vehicle’s surrounding environment. The new radar technology is more than four times the computing power of the firm’s previous product and the improved accuracy means the vehicle is able to make more precise, safety-related decisions and limit accidents and injuries on the road.

NXP general manager of the ADAS microcontrollers product line, Davide Santo, said: “The S32R27 has been sampling with leading Tier Ones automotive suppliers for almost a year and will play a key role in consolidating our leadership position in automotive radar.

“We see the S32R27 as a critical enabler of next-generation NCAP features and new semi-autonomous safety-assistance functions. Ultimately this supports the goals and motivation for our entire team which is to make the roads safer for everyone.”

The processor has four cores, two 240MHz 32bit e200z7 and two 120MHz 32bit e200z4, with the latter available in lock-step operation. These work with 2Mbyte flash and 1.5Mbyte SRAM.

The increases in radar power, combined with developments announced at the beginning of this year by the firm that they are able to build high-res, single-chip 77GHz radar transceivers the size of a postage stamp.

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