Renault Scenic gets a 48V electric boost

Conti develops mild hybrid system

Renault introduces 48V hybrids into the Scenic to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The technology, developed by Continental, makes use of an electric motor instead of the conventional starter generator typically used.

The electric motor with integrated inverter has a continuous output of 6kW, which drives the crankshaft of the engine via a belt. Also operating as a generator, the motor converts some of the braking energy into electricity, temporarily stored in a small battery.

Not requiring any more room than a standard starter generator, the system can be integrated into a pre-existing internal combustion engine Conti predicts that approximately one in five new vehicles produced globally in 2025 will be equipped with a 48V system.

Head of the hybrid EV business at the Tier One, Rudolf Stark, said: “Since 2013, Continental engineers have been working together with Renault on a hybrid drive, which is so cost-efficient to produce that it becomes an appealing option for mid-size vehicles. To achieve this, we have used low-voltage hybrid technology, which operates at 48 volts. This is in contrast with the considerably more expensive high-voltage technology, which operates at between 300 and 400 volts and is usually used in hybrid vehicles. However, the 48-volt system facilitates significant savings.”

A diesel variant of both the Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic models will integrate the mild-hybrid system into its powertrain to provide fuel consumption as low as 3.5-litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 92g/km.

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