Renesas increases vehicle protection from hackers

Security for on-board ECU increased

Renesas Electronics is developing a high-security platform to protect the vehicle’s connectivity and infotainment systems from unauthorised access.

The supplier of semiconductors, worked alongside the embedded security provider ESCRYPT to produce a joint hardware/software solution that helps keep the vehicle’s ECU secure.

Comprising of Renesas’s RH850/P1x-C automotive safety microcontrollers with a security software stack the new solution reduces development time and integrates security functions in safety critical automotive ECU applications – an important requirement for introducing greater autonomy to the vehicle.

Renesas said: “In the autonomous-driving era, in-vehicle infotainment, vehicle-to-vehicle, and vehicle-to-infrastructure networks are expected to become mainstream. The connectivity between these networks allows systems to obtain information on road conditions and other factors that could impact the driving experience.

“It also requires robust security measures to ensure the systems are protected from unauthorized external access. This solution serves as a stepping stone to achieve autonomous driving by accelerating the integration of safety and security functions, enhancing the security of connected, highly-automated vehicles.”

The RH850/P1x-C Series integrates a hardware security module with a co-processor supporting data encryption, authentication and random number generation to address the security requirements in vehicle systems.

The semiconductor firm has also recently developed a solution that ports software to ECUs more efficiently – speeding up the development time for introducing greater autonomy into vehicles.

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