Andreas Giese

Falken Tyres Europe product planning manager

Starting the morning in the tallest building in Offenbach am Main, east of Frankfurt, gives Andreas Giese some impressive vistas to look out on before he starts his plethora of meetings. Time to ponder is a precious commodity for Falken Tyres’ European product planning manager, as he has to balance the need to improve efficiency with demands for greater durability and higher performance levels.

But no matter how busy Giese is, he makes a point of saying “good morning” to his colleagues. It may seem a small point, but when you work in a busy environment, it is important to remember the simple things, he says. And a happy team makes the working environment a lot more conducive to getting things done.

The product planning team at Falken Tyres Europe is small but growing. No matter how big the firm is, as it improves and develops its tyre technologies, Giese's schedule will stay busy.

“We have a lot of projects in place, a few related to our mid-term five-year plan, which is driven by legislation we have to fulfil. Development is becoming more challenging, forced not only by legislation but also by OEMs and the market, so if you want to improve your performance and quality, it’s difficult,” he says.

The restrictions that Giese and his team face on a daily basis include European legislation encompassed in requirements such as ECE 661, and the adoption of tyre pressure-monitoring technology.

And the market that Falken works in is ever shifting. Just as consumers expect ever more value for money from their vehicles – all the technologies found in the D-segment are now expected in smaller vehicles – they are also demanding more from tyre manufacturers.

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