The Job: Dave Anderson

Nvidia’s senior manager for automotive integration discusses how he had the opportunity to create his own job

To have the opportunity to create your own job is a dream that, for the vast majority of people, remains just that – a dream – and nothing more.

Dave Anderson, Nvidia’s senior manager for automotive integration, is arguably one of the fortunate few.

But what does a senior manager for automotive integration do?

“Me and my team basically get to do a lot of fun work on cars, integrating the latest Nvidia technology, showcasing what we can do in the vehicle,” Anderson explains.

He has been at the silicon firm for five years and it was soon after joining, using his initiative, that he was able to present to his bosses what he was capable of and how the company, as a whole, could benefit.

At the time, he was driving a Ford Explorer and it was this, his own vehicle, that was the focus for his effort.

Anderson says: “I took out the infotainment platform in the vehicle, worked out all the connections and then upgraded it with an Nvidia development platform.

“It started as a side project where I was doing it outside of the frame of work, but it was done in the context of trying to show our customer base what was possible.

“We ended up writing a whole new user interface and user experience for the vehicle so it had beautiful 3D graphics, instead of the flat basic content.

“It gave you access to really cool applications and even something as crazy as gaming – not that that was ever sanctioned – but it was something you could do.”

The Sync system originally in the vehicle was replaced with the firm’s Tegra3-based development platform and, after impressing his bosses, Anderson and his team presented the vehicle to OEMs and other potential customers, which opened the door to more possibilities.

That was five years ago and Anderson admits that the process has come a long way since then. “Hack is probably a strong word but it has become much more sophisticated,” he says. “Initially the work was being done with platforms that weren’t even automotive in nature, but now as we have evolved we have really built a dedicated automotive platform.”

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